Need Your Pet's Nails Did? Dixie Dogs Pet Salon In Liberty South Carolina Is THE Place!

Need your pet's nails trimmed?

What about a shampoo or haircut - even a style?

Dixie Dogs in Liberty is the place to go.

Owner Eileen Tozer says:

"Dixie Dogs is a full service Pet Salon located in Liberty SC. I have 10 years experience grooming all breeds of dogs and cats. Services are customized for each pet and their parent. I am safety trained and use State of the Art equipment which is safer and more comfortable for your pet. We use only the best quality shampoos and products (a natural line of human grade shampoos) that are specially formulated for pets and their different skin care needs!

Come on down and see us!

I think you'll like the feeling of home when you walk through the door, but you'll Love how happy and well groomed your "baby" is!"

General pricing is ...

$35 for small breeds (such as my miniature schnauzer) and goes up from there.

Stop by or call for an estimate.

Dixie Dogs is located at:

* Picture taken while standing on 178/ Heading towards Anderson / Dixie Dogs is on the left.

Guests are asked to call ahead for reservations or stop by to reserve a time.

Typical wait is 1 to 3 hours depending on client load. Eileen says, "Unlike other pet groomers - she cares for dogs in rotation instead of one at a time to help alleviate pet anxiety."

Ms. Tozer says that although her prices are $5 to $10 more than other groomers; she will price match with a customer on their first visit, but she's sure you'll return, as many have.

Ms. Tozer would like potential customers to know that she carries retail high quality home grooming supplies (like shampoos) and will be happy to help you find an item you need for a pet at a competitive price.

She also has a reading library about care, feeding, and hairstyles that customers are free to browse.

Dixie Dogs offers breed specific cuts, teeth cleaning, and "low shed" maintenance.

Ms. Tozer hopes to add pet boarding by Christmas and is currently offering gift certificates for any occasion.

When asked if she could give one tip about her business, Ms Tozer said, "Fridays and Saturdays are typically busy days. Walk ins are certainly welcome during business hours, but it's always good to call ahead."

And a reminder, Dixie Dogs also has a full line of Zack & Zoey Pet Costumes for Halloween:

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Here's a before and after shot of my dog "Scruffy":