Breaking News: Liberty City Councilman; Eric Boughman's Daughter Tragically Killed In Car Accident

From Eric Boughman's facebook page
Eric w/ daughter Emma
Eric Boughman is the manager of the Liberty Ingles.

Boughman recently went unopposed in his bid for the City Of Liberty Ward 4 Council Seat.

Eric also coaches with Liberty Rec.

He coached his son's Rec football team to the 12U Semifinals in football this past year.

His daughter; Emma (7 years old) was hit by a car near her home on O'Dell St.

Mother, Kim Boughman w/ daughter Emma
Several nearby neighbors report that speeding has been a problem on the road.

An investigation is ongoing ... The driver of the vehicle involved was female. A teenage boy was a passenger.

The driver has been identified; "2008 Honda driven by Liberty resident Amanda Thomas, 42." according to reports filed.

Please pray for this family during this tragic loss.

From Liberty City Fire Department Facebook feed:
"We responded today about 4:30PM to a car vs a child on Odell Street. We are sorry to say that the child did not make it. Please pray for the families."
Emma Boughman
I thought I'd share one of my facebook status updates regarding this:
I went in to my son's bedroom to say a prayer with him and my wife. I told my son the full details of the tragic accident concerning the Boughman family's loss today. I told him I wanted him to pray, then I would say a prayer afterwards. 
His prayer ... 
"Dear Lord help us to have a good day tomorrow. Help Eric Boughman not to feel sad. Help the driver of the car (pause .... whisper) I don't know what to say.
Me: "That's fine, continue." 
"Dear Lord help the little girl to have fun in heaven. In your name we pray, Amen" 
Me: "There's nothing I can add, that was perfect!"
So beautiful and simple!

From The School District Of Pickens County website:

We Extend Our Sympathy to the Chastain Road Family
Our hearts are heavy over the tragic loss of Emma Boughman who was a first grader at Chastain Road Elementary School. We extend our sympathy to the Boughman family and the Chastain Road family. All of you will be in our thoughts and prayers.
* Some details of this story were removed out of sensitivity to both the Boughman family and the driver of the vehicle. On top of conflicting official reports, I was given several personal accounts from nearby neighbors.