The Ugly Truth About Prostitution

The Ugly Truth About Prostitution
by Kami Styles

After some comments were left on facebook about prostitution not being "that big of a deal" because it "doesn't hurt anyone", I wanted to do some research about how prostitution affects the people and families of those involved. I could have written this to be much, much longer than it is.

The Ugly Truth About Prostitution

It is well known that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. Many people view prostitution as sex rather than sexual violence. They see it as an act between two consenting adults that will not harm others, but that is most certainly not the case.

When a man compels a prostitute to engage in sexual activity, it is based on her compliance, rather than her consent. Women generally become prostitutes as teenagers and have a hard time leaving the industry because of intimidation, fear, psychological and physical violence. “70% of women involved in prostitution feel that childhood sexual abuse influenced their decision to become a prostitute” ( Prostitution typically involves women being moved away from their families and friends into an area where there is no means of support. These women are promised love, money and a place to live in exchange for complete dominance and control.

Who buys sex?

Prostitution is seen as inevitable because men who are willing to pay for sex create the demand that generates the supply. “In a research study of men who had used prostitutes, 54% were reported as currently being in a relationship” (cmsfiles). Men who use prostitutes are regular men who have regular marriages and regular jobs. Some of these men are the same ones who work in the profession to uphold the laws that they are violating.

Fathers, uncles, church members, city officials, and business men among others, are using these women while potentially infecting their spouses and loved ones with STD’s. Food preparers, doctors, and dental assistants could pass diseases on to their customers. Because it takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks for a person to test positive for HIV after exposure, an infected prostitute can potentially infect hundreds of men in that time frame, even if she is tested weekly.

Prostitution is far from a victimless crime. It destroys lives and families and hurts far more than the two individuals involved in the act itself. Regardless of the legalities of prostitution, it is extremely dangerous for women and children, and it is delusional to think that legalizing it will protect women against becoming the victims of further rape and homicide associated with prostitution.

Furthermore, prostitution is not limited to large cities and societies outside of the United States. This past year alone, there were 22 men arrested for prostitution in Greenville County in November. 15 men were arrested in August, and 48 were arrested in 2 different prostitution stings in June.

Kami Styles
Liberty, SC