An Op Ed: Knowingly Not Knowing ...

Knowingly Not Knowing …
by Philip Smith

Many of my friends on facebook seem to repost headlines without actually reading the articles.

The most recent viral repost about Hobby Lobby says nothing about shutting the stores down. In fact, Hobby Lobby CEO, David Green says he will fight the issue and in his words "keep the stores open".

You are spreading a huge mistruth by sharing the headline "Hobby Lobby To Close All 400+ Of It's Stores Because Of Obamacare Mandate."

This past week, I was quoted by a "Conservative News" source. I would have loved to share it, but ... The author gave me a title of being an executive committee member, and I'm no such thing. When I brought it to their attention, they said, "It doesn't really matter, it's published now."

The WHOLE TRUTH always matters. Do NOT have any part of KNOWINGLY spreading a lie - big or small.

And more importantly, have no part in the friendship or support of anyone who consistently misleads people.

After last week's errant news report about the boy falling into the well ... I took it upon myself to research wells.

If the boy is an average 11 year old ... he is approximately 4'9" tall.

The water was up to his shoulders. So let's say 4½ ft deep.

Let's say he also is the average weight ... 90+/- lbs.

The boy landed on his arm into 4½ feet of water and broke it.

He actually landed optimally by God's grace ... Falling with his full body rather than aerodynamically - feet or head first.

40ft is consistent with that injury.

Why did the news media report 140ft?

Because it was a deep bore well .. At the side of the well there was (most likely) a continued hole approximately a foot in diameter and most likely with a grating.

Being in the news business - I occasionally get my information mixed up, but I have never ever reported the impossible.

I'm glad the boy was ok, but he didn't fall 140 feet or for perspective; 14 stories = tallest building in Greenville!

Have common sense when you read the news.