Monday, May 31, 2021

COVID Confessions


Excellent Twitter thread with many personal anecdotes related to how people felt at the start of COVID-mania and some things to think about as normalcy slowly returns:

There was a moment at the beginning in March of 2020 where I heard someone coughing, and began to feel anxious and nervous that I might get sick.  That feeling was enough for me to consider exploring in more depth why I felt that way.

That led to exploring the Imperial College model when it came out projecting 2 million deaths without lockdown.  That was enough information to quickly realize that the projections were bogus.  2 million deaths is roughly twice the normal number of deaths in any given year in the USA.  It would be a tremendous disaster for that to happen. 

To my regret, the next model I found was the IMHE model, which also has been wrong more than not.  At the time though (March - May 2020), that didn't stop me from sending that model to friends as a better model than the Imperial College model.  

It became clear shortly after that, that the IMHE "scientists" were simply picking factors for mask efficiency, lockdown, etc in order to fit their model, and these assumptions changed vastly from one model release to another.  I'm thankful that I found the people at PANDA and the Great Barrington Declaration to help shape my thoughts further.

I am still shocked at the events of the last year.  The constitutional implications and the psychological effects the lockdowns and fear mongering have had on many of my friends.   This twitter thread was cathartic, and I hope it helps people realize that it's OK to give up lockdownism in favor of liberty.

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