Monday, May 31, 2021

Tribute to Robert Wenzel


In 2007, Ron Paul stood on a debate stage and discussed the concept of blowback.  He was attacked by Rudy Guliani and rather than back down, he chose to stand his ground and further explain the concept of blowback.

This was a seminal moment in my life.  It led to me getting caught up in the Ron Paul Revolution in 2007 and later in 2011 as well.   I began reading every libertarian book or blog I could find.  Of those there were four that really stood out to me and became daily required reading or listening:, and Robert Wenzel's Economic Policy Journal & Target Liberty.

I put off signing up for the EPJ Daily Alert for many years, until the COVID crisis, and I regret that I didn't sign up earlier for it.  The economic wisdom shared in those daily newsletters was always something I looked forward to reading every day and discussing the concepts in them as though I myself was an expert.

Robert Wenzel's blogs were my favorite daily reads, often checked first thing in the morning, or very late at night.  He was always on point, and his passing is a tremendous loss to the liberty movement as well as personally.  There is a vast hole in my daily reading, and as a result, I'm inspired to create my own liberty blog, where I hope to do justice to some of the things I've learned from Mr. Wenzel over the last 13 years.

RIP Robert Wenzel

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