Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Fauci's FOIA emails and the sudden discovery of the fall guy


Deborah Birx's scalp was claimed by reporting her hypocrisy and thereby forcing her into an early government retirement and through the revolving door to an easy and lucrative private sector job with a Dallas based company named Active Pure.  But COVID-mania can't end without claiming the largest scalp; without having a fall guy for all of the economic and social destruction done.  Who better for that than the original architect of the lockdowns - Anthony Fauci?

The Washington Post filed a FOIA request to recover Fauci's emails.  After receiving them, they sat on the emails for many months, but now that the narrative has shifted, and COVID-mania needs to end, the emails have been released, and people are uncovering Fauci's attempts to protect his own interests rather than those of the citizens.

The Wuhan Lab Leak

When this theory came out back at the start of COVID-mania, I was less inclined to believe it.  Regardless of the origin of the virus, my struggle was against lockdown-ism and the silly NPI behaviors that were destroying society en masse.  But now that lockdown-ism is fading, it's time to explore in more details the origins and underlying criminality of those associated with lockdown-ism.

First up an email discussing that the genome appears to NOT be consistent with evolutionary theory, and has rather been engineered:

And an email implying that the Gain of Function work on the Bat Coronaviruses had been completed prior to the Obama Administration pause on gain of function research:

An email discussing that the outbreak had likely occurred in November and warning that China is blatantly lying about their numbers.  Fauci dismisses it as "too long to read"

Collusion to censor "mis"-information
Remember that the lab-leak was initially labelled as misinformation by Twitter, Facebook, social media, and all of the mainstream media.   Of course, now things are different, and it's not misinformation, and now allowed on Facebook et. al.   This change should read that it is now acceptable to the main media narrative to allow discussion of the lab leak, hopefully to finally implicate Fauci, and remove him from our lives; to live out his retirement in a lucrative private sector job for having served his purpose.

The takeaway from the email below is that Mark Zuckerberg is offering to give Fauci a platform to combat misinformation.  A simple question though should be, "What if Fauci is the one spreading misinformation?"  

Fauci is already famous for his 60 minutes interview where he stated (correctly) that healthy people do not need to be out in the community wearing masks.

He is also famous for his blasé dismissal that his position on masks during the interview was in order to stop citizens from buying masks so health care providers would have adequate supply.

And let's not forget later on - when mask supply was no longer an issue - Wear Two!

Maybe, just maybe there's an email where he states his opinion on them to another "expert", not just the media:

Sylvia Burwell  was an Health and Human Services Secretary under the Obama Administration officially in charge of the Ebola and Zika pandemic responses.   She also served as an EVP and COO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   One would think she might be aware of the several decades of randomized controlled trials showing that masks do not actually work to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses in that position. 

Here's an email discussing these RCT's and the lack of evidence they do anything:

Unfortunately for us, mask-mania took off shortly after this and Fauci - the political operative that he is - sailed the political winds.

Asymptomatic Spread
Let's not forget that probably the largest contributing factor to mask-mania was the idea that Asymptomatic Carriers - previously known as healthy people - were major drivers of disease spread.  This idea was contradicted by Maria Van Kerkhove at the W.H.O., who due to political pressure was forced to walk back her statement.

Fauci's thoughts were - again correctly - that Asymptomatic Carriers (read: Healthy People) are not major drivers of disease spread.

Shockingly, or maybe not so schockingly, Fauci also appears to be innumerate in basic understanding of Epidemiology.    In the email below he confuses the IFR (Infection Fatality Ratio) of Influenza with the initial CFR (Case Fatality Ratio) of COVID.

It's an interesting note that the W.H.O. also made a similar error at the beginning of the Pandemic, citing a CFR of 3.4% for COVID, and comparing it to the IFR of Influenza at <1%.  (Source)

The W.H.O. would later to be forced to have to accept Stanford's John Ioannidis's report - showing a median IFR of 0.27%.  Importantly, the IFR of those under 70 years of age was 0.05% - less than that of Influenza and exactly why the Great Barrington and 2019 pandemic planning should have occurred rather than lockdown. 

Finishing thoughts
The number of businesses and livelihoods that Fauci and co. interrupted and destroyed is enormous.  The true financial implications of the lockdowns are only now beginning to show up via price inflation, shortages, rampant unemployment, and vast potential for an eviction and foreclosure crisis, among other things.   

Will the food price inflation cause a new Arab Spring in the same fashion it did in the 2010s?  Will the removal of the generous unemployment benefits lead to more economic destruction or will those unemployed people be able to find work?  But the biggest question I have, is still "Why has everyone just accepted these interventions into our lives?"  I suspect I'll be pondering that question still for some time.

In the meantime, it's nice to see some well deserved pressure directed at one of the most evil people there is - Anthony Fauci.

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