Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thoughts after a day reminiscing on Fauci's emails


Having studied advanced mathematics and statistics, the first indication that something in the COVID narrative was way off was the Imperial College Model indicating that 2 million Americans would die if no mitigation measures were taken.   This was, is, and always will be a bogus prediction - it's TWICE the annual all cause deaths.  That Fauci and Birx paraded this model onto the mainstream media as the logic behind lockdown was all I needed to know to oppose this charade.  In light of Fauci's emails being released though, there are some other observations.

He ran the NIAID like it was his personal kingdom.   The emails indicate very little delegation of tasks, aside from scheduling his many media appearances.   If something had to be done, it came through him.  Indeed there was even an email from a German Company looking to get their mRNA vaccine candidate approved that Fauci ignored.  He has financial interests in the Moderna vaccine.

It's also apparent that he knew better - on every topic.  Asymptomatic spread, masks, lockdown, natural immunity, etc.  I might argue that his co-authorship of the very popular Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine - used in every US Medical School is questionable.   That book contradicts everything he has said at one point or another throughout this past year.   Indeed, he has even contradicted himself at every turn.

The emails show a thoroughly compromised individual with political and financial interests to take advantage of.   It would be wise to consider all of the other departments in the US Government to be equally as compromised.

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